4 Best Attractions to Visit in Rome 2024 | Historical Places in Rome

Best Attractions to Visit in Rome 2024

Top Attractions to Visit in Rome 2024: Rome, a name synonymous with romance, youthful exuberance and all things good, is a world destination, featuring in the wish list of travelers across the globe. Touted as the eternal city with a bevy of top attractions including relics, temples, colossal monuments, Rome has entertained mankind since ancient times. So, with a promise to follow the adage, “while in Rome do as the Romans do”, let us take a sneak peek into some of the top attractions before you embark on your next vacation to enchanting Rome.

Best Attractions to Visit in Rome 2024 | Historical Places in Rome

1. The Colosseum

Of all the landmarks, the Colosseum surely stands out as a major attraction. An architectural marvel, it upholds the great legacy of Rome’s architectural legacy. This amphitheater had witnessed many gory fights at the behest of sadistic rulers.

2. Vatican Gardens

A must-visit for family vacationers landing up in Rome, this sprawling 58 acres of park is a veritable show of medieval fortifications and grandeur of dime a dozen fountains. The lush garden walkways, brightly hued flowers of exotic species and massive oaks present a spectacular view to the besotted nature lovers.

3. Galleria Borghese

You must visit this treasure trove museum even if you are not an art aficionado. Chances are that you will be smitten by the extensive display of gems like the Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne or Raphael’s Deposition leaving an indelible mark on your mind.

4. Hadrian’s Villa

If you want to have an inkling of this great emperor for whom travelling across the globe was a passion, a visit to Hadrian’s Villa is a must. A composite of various architectural styles, which Hadrian collected during his globe-trotting days, the ruins of this great villa speak volumes about its history.

These are a few of the not-to-be-missed attractions for every vacationer who wants to enjoy the real Rome and soak its splendor

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