Top 5 Food Travel Destinations for Budding Chefs 2024

Top 5 Food Travel Destinations for Budding Chefs 2024

Food and travel go hand in hand; the flavours and ingredients of a place can tell you a lot about its history, its traditions, and its daily way of life. What’s more, food is a great way to remember an idyllic holiday or that time you travelled around Europe. 

Food not only acts as an insight into a destination, but you can also recreate dishes when you return home, allowing you to remember a place using a number of senses. Many foodies opt to take a local cooking class whilst they are away to get to grips with the cuisine and to get taught by someone in the know. Of course, cooking classes are beneficial and fun wherever you go; each place has its own unique tastes and no two people have the same palette, but there are certain places that are more popular than others for this activity.

5 Best Culinary Destination in the World 2024


Italy is famed for its food; pizza, pasta, and spaghetti characterise this passionate country. The food here is simple but deliciously filling and wholesome and few ingredients are used, making Italian food an easy cuisine to start your international cooking classes with. There are a huge amount of cooking holidays in Italy, ranging from long courses in Tuscany to quick classes in Rome, which means there will be one to suit your needs, and the popularity and basic skill needed to create decent Italian cuisine makes it great for budding chefs to get to grips with.


Indian cuisine is world-renowned for its heavy use of spices and aromatic flavours. With so many amazing dishes to choose from, there is something for everyone. Throughout the country you will find a number of cooking classes and courses which teach you how to create different flavours, from the spicy ingredients of the south to the milder ones of the north. Once home, you can recreate your favourite dish from each region to bring back delicious memories from your time there.


French food is intriguing and hugely popular; in particular, the Provencal style of cooking. Dishes use an abundance of local herbs and include succulent salads, as well as classic French dishes such as bouillabaisse and salade Nicoise. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, a cooking course in France might be just the thing for you thanks to its huge selection of fine French desserts like torte and soufflé. Provencal cuisine is like no other in the world due to its amalgamation of typical French cooking techniques and wholesome flavours from the Mediterranean.


Mexican food is another cuisine that marries itself to the culture of its origin; Mexican food and Mexico are inexorably linked making it a hugely popular option for budding chefs. Dishes here are made for sharing and are ideal for dinner parties to recreate your time in this fascinating country. Try one of the many cooking and cocktail-making courses in Mexico for an educational experience as well as a fun one, and show off your new skills once back home.

Republic of Ireland

Irish food is typical hearty and warming; think thick Irish stews and other such dishes. With such a large number of markets spread throughout the country, it is easy to find fresh and local ingredients to use in your cooking. For an experience that uses all your senses, pick up some traditional Irish music to play in the background whilst you’re cooking back at home.

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