How to Save Money Food while Traveling | Money Saving Tips For Solo Female Travelers in 2024

How to Save Money on Food while Traveling | Money Saving Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Save money on food while traveling: Food can be one of the costliest items in your travel budget. If you’re not careful, you can consistently spend $15-20 every time you dine out. With the right approach, though, you can eat cheaply and still enjoy good food.

The money saving tips below will help you save money on food expenses while also keeping you out of McDonald’s and other fast food chains.

Eat like the locals

The most expensive restaurants are those that cater to tourists. These restaurants are often strategically located, close to attractions and hotels. Most of their business is a result of proximity - people patronize these restaurants because they are convenient not because they have good food or prices.

Instead of going to tourist restaurants, ask the locals for recommendations. Reach out to people on facebook, instagram, twitter and join a travel group for the city you’re in, you can use it to connect with people and get insider information about a location.

Another piece of advice for eating like the locals: Find the popular street food eateries. Many people are worried that eating from street food vendors will make them sick, but if you seek out the most popular street stalls, you will find food that is delicious, safe to eat and incredibly cheap. Just follow the local crowd.

Prepare simple meals for yourself

An easy way to save money on food costs while traveling is to prepare some of your own meals. This doesn’t mean make complicated meals that require lots of utensils, cook space and time. Focus on simple preparations and meals that you can create in your hotel or in a hostel kitchen.

As an example, whenever I am traveling and I have access to fresh fruit, I will prepare a simple, delicious and very cheap breakfast: fresh fruit topped with yogurt.

Think about meals that don’t require cooking and only call for a handful of ingredients. If you have access to an oven or stove, you can prepare more extensive meals, but these are not always available on the road.

Eat a big lunch

Many cafes and restaurants will have lunch specials or a specific lunch menu that is typically priced much cheaper than dinner. You can usually get several courses of food for a fraction of the cost. Take advantage and eat a big lunch. Then, snack throughout the day and eat a smaller dinner.

Bakeries are your friend

In addition to sweets and breads, bakeries often have sandwiches on offer and they can be much affordable than restaurants. Another great option for a cheap and filling snack or meal is to buy a loaf of good bread from a bakery and get some cheese and apples (or other fruit) from the supermarket. Find a nice spot in the park and voila, you have a picnic!

Look for hotels that have breakfast included

Many hotels offer a free breakfast with your room. Do your homework and see what exactly “breakfast” entails. In some cases, you can actually get a hearty breakfast. Continental breakfasts are more common, however. Either way, if the price of the room is affordable, a free breakfast is a nice bonus.

Look for deals

Lunch specials aren’t the only deal you can find at restaurants. Many will offer food deals during happy hours and many will have specials that correspond to the day of the week. Others will have offers during off-hours. If you don’t see any deals advertised, ask around. As always, advice from locals is the most valuable here.

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